About the investment

Wiewióra & Golczyk

Design & concept

Browarna 12 apartments are located in the post-industrial area of the “old brewery”. In order to preserve the spirit of this unique place, the building retains original architectural features and historic details to define the essential characteristics of the old buildings: fragments of walls finished with brick cladding, window grids and trims, large glazed windows.
The entrance to the spacious main hall is in a two-storey glass façade, topped with a glass roof. An additional advantage of the building is its exceptional acoustics to control excess noise and ensure comfort and peace to its residents. Other amenities the development offers include a fitness and relaxation zone. An added feature of the building is optimal sun exposure and flat orientation in compliance with applicable standards. A stepped floor plan allowed to design spacious terraces to extend the surface of the upper flats.

Investor & contractor

Browarna company has many years of experience in the construction industry which is the basis of successful implementation of high-quality projects. We know how to put our resources to good use in order to translate them into an above-average approach to delivering high-end residential properties.
The company’s uniqueness as a developer also stems from the form of the building under construction. Browarna 12 is not a part of any larger building complex, but a stand-alone facility going beyond standards and responding to the highest needs of its residents. Uniqueness, elegance and character are the three main features that distinguish Browarna 12, and our clients, whose satisfaction is our first priority.


Biuro WIEWIORA & GOLCZYK ARCHITEKCI design studio is a team of several architects who have been actively operating in the industry for 25 years. We approach each project as a unique challenge. The apartment building at Browarna Street in Bielsko-Biała is one of the most demanding projects we’ve completed in recent years.
Our entire design team and the best manufacturers were involved in the creation of this beautiful building. While working on the project, we sought to design a facility that would meet the highest residential standards, comply with the latest market trends while maintaining its distinctive features and uniqueness. That’s how Browarna 12 was made!. The building also incorporates many available technologies to optimize its operation and provide a comfortable and energy efficient environment.

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