Aesthetics and functionality

Modernity combined with tradition

Browarna 12. was designed to reflect the character and spirit of the place and original facility. Moderation, avoidance of excessive elements, pragmatism and care for the quality make the building perfectly fit into the style of a big-city tenement house.
Our project features an interesting exterior design and innovative form. The elevation is designed with upscale and robust construction materials which age well and are expected to give the impression that a missing place has been restored to Bielsko-Biała.
The architectural design solutions make it a fully functional and modern project made to the top standards of the 21st century.


The main entrance to the building at Browarna 12. opens up with a representative, 7 meters high reception hall. From here you can access the common recreation and leisure space and the residential part of the building.

Spacious and well-lit

Browarna 12. offers a wide variety of apartment sizes tailored to meet your needs, with an option for reconfiguring the floor plans.
Large panoramic "triple glazed" windows allow for plenty of natural sunlight and thermal comfort inside..