Waiting for the launch…

We have started! We were more than happy to see clinker tiles being laid on the facade!

An interesting fact about our façade => the word ‘clinker’ comes from the Dutch word “klinken” meaning “to ring”. Clinker bricks make a distinctive metallic sound when struck together, which indicates their hardness and durability.

To finish the elevation of Browarna 12., we used clinker tiles applied in the ArtBrick system. They are frost proof and will not fade or change colour when exposed to sun or weather. Our tiles are low-absorbent (<6%) and completely non-flammable, 100% ceramic – they meet the highest standards for this type of material. ArtBrick façade tiles are fired from the best quality clay, the same material is used to produce the most durable clinker bricks.

We can’t wait to the big launch – the unveiling of the façade!