Where do the holes in the cheese come from?

While “holes” in cheese do not affect its quality, holes in hollow bricks are of great importance. Clay blocks are made from natural clay with the addition of wood flour or sawdust. Elements are formed from it, dried and then fired at a temperature of over 900°C. The slotted structure of the products made of perforated clay increases thermal insulation… view the photo to see how accurately the ribs are arranged inside each hollow brick. And what are the advantages for our design?  The route of heat flow through the wall is lengthened which will slow down the loss of heat from the apartment. For sure you will be curious to ask “and what about sound penetration through the walls”.  Look at the picture again and find the differences….

The arrangement of holes in the outer blocks, and blocks utilized in partition walls between the rooms is different – guess “which one is which”. I will give you a clue…. acoustic elements are much heavier, because, as we know, mass and dense materials are sound dampening. But we still plan to add “something” to the wall, as we think that silence in our apartments is of utmost importance…you will see…because our apartments are not intended for those who like eavesdropping on their neighbours.